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Why is Alex not willing to work via Upwork.com?

Alex has been at Odesk/Upwork since 2012.

There're other reasons too.

But at Upwork I can see who you are, your testimonials, skills, photo, what you ate this morning, etc...

Not true. At Upwork you can see as much as you can see, and not more. That's a sliver of who freelancer actually is and what his skills are. But is that even accurate in the first place? And how much data about the freelancer is there missing -- one that you can't see at Upwork?

See, every time I learn a new skill, my Upwork profile doesn't automatically get updated to reflect a new skill. Every time I create and launch a new project, get a testimonial from a customer who I work with directly, do anything that doesn't involve Upwork, forget a skill, get worse at communication, get more lazy, get more productive again ... my Upwork profile still remains unchanged.

How will we deal with payments without Upwork?

I like to use Transferwise.com. There's also Paysend.com which works similarly. These 2 are trustable and well known. The fees are a few dollars. There're some limitations as for from where and where to a payment may be sent. However, for the majority of the 1st and 2nd world countries they work.

And there's a dozen of other ways:

And Buddha knows what else.


It's individually. I'd rather work with it.

However, if the customer isn't comfortable with a prepayment, I don't ask for it. I'll do a task and demonstrate you the end result. You'll verify it. Then we'll proceed to the source code and payment.

And sometimes I'll provide the source code first too, usually when it's an open source project.

Up-front estimates?

Yes. By small chunks.

Alex Maslakov

🤩You can trust me, I'm good 🤪